Wonderland Pit (2017)

by Silvis Vetus

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    1. Wonderland Pit
    2. Latest Intifada
    3. Crimson Mask
    4.The Chaman's Tale
    6. Wolfmom's Lullaby
    7. Night's Creed
    8. Delirium
    9. The Tale's Pray

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Debut album from Silvis Vetus. Strong female Symphonic metal from Spain written in English, with lyrics about society, fantasy, feelings and strange characters.


released February 8, 2017

Silvis Vetus are:
-Nessie Neck (vocals)
- Mark (vocals&rythm guitar)
- Robin (lead guitar)
- Ivan (keyboards&keytar)
- Laura (bass guitar)
- Marcos (drums)

Produced by Alfred Berengena.
Songs composed by all band members.
Lyrics by Nessie Neck.
Art and CD design by Jose Arnau Cortes.



all rights reserved


Silvis Vetus Corçà, Spain

So 4 years ago some people met to just play symphonic metal: Nightwish, Epica, Sirenia, After Forever, Leaves' Eyes covers where made... 'Till we started composing and wanted to give a shot to our own melodies. And here is the result.
We are not the usual "symphonic metal" band. We have a growler, a soprano and some keyboards... but you'll have to check us out to tell what mix of styles we have.
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Track Name: Wonderland Pit (A Fibber Mind's Tale Part I)
Some, some, words coming to my mind
Soon I will remember my path
Half life seeking into darkness among which one I will never find?
Soon, soon, life will stay enlightened
‘Cause night shuts all unfairness’s doors
She’s caught, princess of my madness “Wake up! Dreams can’t come true…”

Fall through the deep and you’ll see how it weeps
My world is dark but you’ve still come to Wonderland
One among all fantasies in the Hole
Fall through the deep we welcome you to Wonderland

Tick-tock, wild creatures approach us
“I’m late”. Run, my friend I’ll follow, too
Tea time! The Mad Hatter calls for brunch
“Congrats! Happy Un-birthday Day to you!”

Fall through the Door
They’ll be maddening for me
Close through the Door
I will shock into madness and Hysteria

Alice lost part of her head
Black Blood shined instead of red…
Come again… lead us astray
… “eat my wings to make me tame”.

Thought you were free? Now you’ll feel more than weak
Never get out! We’ve trapped you into Wonderland!

Forlorn and fear ‘cause the Queen moans for Freedom
Her Cards await, make them bleed to release our land!
Track Name: Latest Intifada (Einherjar)
Bellator orit, Bellator quaerit
Belli causa est quare inconcessum?
[The warrior doubts, the warrior wonders… Why a cause of war is forbidden?]

Did you find the Heaven’s Entrance?
As I see you screened around
my mind trembles, my heart goes down
You act like soldiers, claiming death,
Bringing terror with no respect!
Extreme radicals as long we’ve seen,
picking lives from innocent beings
Such a coward role you played,
with immolations along your prayin’…

Feel how your body bleeds around, your brain explodes and flesh rots out,
Will you see from Heaven’s nest what have you done among the rest?
You feel powerful, with pride, feel you accomplished something divine,
You’re so powerful, selfish hoe, killing the blameless for no reward…

No kind-heart god claims his worshipers to
Slay innocents just to honor his beliefs,
As no kind-heart people should rely on this.

(“La ila
Mohammed Rasul idah”)

Madness calls remorse...
Track Name: Crimson Mask
Dunes at the coast near home, feed the sea
Silence makes me think so far from my being
A girl from nowhere I was buried and thirsty
And acting a Prince you embraced me with mercy

Warrior with no memories to remind
I had forgotten what life was about
And you never loved me, no, neither at once
Because loneliness makes you use us

When I cried only for help
-You’ll learn, with me, I will take care
I trusted you, 'cause words were faith
-I’m here, I’ll stay, forever I may
But my instincts saw a trick
-Don’t fall, you know, it’s too much gold
And some thirds caught you on sight
-They tell? You trust? Prefer them than my word!

I first thought all was my fault
-You think we’re bad, and drive yourself mad
And I waited for my chance
-I talk with you, but not beside you
(You talked with me, but never were here)

Suddenly I realised my soul and my mind dedicated to something that consumed me and made me cry
Someone then redemeemed to me
Cry is not an option, neither run, as we remain achieved
If someone grabs you out of yourself, don’t try to give it light
Some people are understandless and don’t even give a damn
Now I know that Im stronger and I deserve my own life
So don’t you try to give more lessons about how to

Become somebody, be somebody , no deny your tired of hurting
Don’t regret where you have started and admit where you will end
In such angry, unconfession, your fear makes you manipulate
Other weaker persons … you looking to be a heroe?

Come nobody be somebody, first aid yourself befor hurting
As I knew I wasn’t the first, and the next won’t be the last
Somebody, loose somebody, change your mind or you get lonely
Isn’t that what you fear the most beneath your heartless skin?

And after a year, my gears started working on their own,
As I found out you were not as another oxide stain
But I have to thank you making that divide within…
‘cause you’ll yell my name back, then, when you find yourself drowned into your ownmade hell.
‘Cause now you’re on your own.
Under your crimson mask you were the only one left to be alone

Now you turn your back to me
- You know no shit. I don’t care of this
You should, someday you will see
- If I turn back ‘cause I don’t want to hear it?
(Divides, are tough, but we can win 'em!)
Track Name: Wendigo (Such Evil in the Forest)
[Part I: The Forest]

Warriors of the Mother Tribe
Entering the dark void for a fight
We’ve not fear of voices, monsters or guns
We only want to give ourselves for loved ones.
At the third night of voyage
the spirits told good with our mission
And the night was beautifully at disposition
‘Till something started to trick us along
Guns were missing and animals silent
No more rivers into the woods,
a new endless nightmare...

Down, realized our minds going down,
downer, darker and doomed.
Hard, listen that screaming voices come so deadly and loud.
Worse, weather’s started going worse,
so cruel, so cold,
Such a freezing mystery...

One day the trees told us clear
“Must not go forward from here”
We ignored the voices with a laugh
Ingnored they had come from our own insides

At the sixth night of walking, felt
someone following us
Everytime we turned around to check
nothing was in our sight
Everything we heard gave us forlorn
Every memory brought alive as fear
Every vision leading us to cry
Madness taking control of our minds


[Part II: The Curse]

The sun will bring Death from the sky
We will wander alone
Our bodies will crawl around
Trapped between Wendigo's claw
With no water, hunger is law
One dies tonight two at dawn
Eat my flesh, so you survive
But as demons you will rise!

So dear child, olders and friends
Listen to this elder's pray
Rather die nor eat human flesh
Never be that monster's guest.

[Part III: The Reminder]

And I also was so tempted
Starvation you underestimate
The quick way to survive may not be better than Death....
From twenty just two reached the tribe
A coward that listened the wards
And a man that would grow up a counceller

Is the rovering evil in mankind
What provides the worst to our minds.
The wasted skill of dementia
That we had to fight against to stay alive!
Track Name: Wolfmom's Lullaby
Wolves are howling high
Fullmoon’s bright tonight
I thought I heard you cry…

Listen to my rhyme
I know times can fright
But I'll be by your side

Raindrops cannot hide
All your feel inside
Let me dry them, let me try

I’ve already set them free,
All the sorrows I’ve carried away
Some burned angels, some lares
Some mistakes that formed myself.

So I can reach out for you this time
Forgetting my wrong ways
to try again and cuddle you this lovely night
To tell you it’s okay to be afraid and sad
To tell you I’ll be here every night…

Write me a song, my wolverine
Write now a song, ‘bout you, for me
Let me sing quietly you to sleep
These little words that make you weep

I know you will set them free,
All the sorrows you've carried away
Some burned angels, some lares
But mistakes can lead to days
Much more brighter than these ones of loss,
of sadness and forlorn
So never be afraid
Of the storms that may come
I swear you it’s okay to be afraid and sad
Your pack will always be with your howls …

Sleep with my song, lil’ wolverine
Your words, my voice, they’ll make us free
For the time we’ve relied on this pain too long
For we deserve peace while dreaming on...

Close your shivering eyes
wolfmom will provide
A cuddling lullaby

Listen to my rhyme
I know times can fright
But now I'm by your side
Track Name: Night's Creed (A Fibber Mind's Tale Part II)
Night, Glorious Night
Holy Night full of darkness
Night, my way of life
My sanctuary over mankind

Lovely, lonely night
When will you be a never ending time
When will you go as dawn lights my city up?
When will you be my goodness, when will you be my faith
Replace that uncertain god that fears you?

I have always known
That there's no one
that there's no Heaven, no Hell
I want to decide
what to believe in
And search for my own life Creed

The crowd fears the curses beneath
I long night to hear the Howlers sing
Live it all behind, you're frightened as
you hear them sing alone, you are so afraid of the unknown

They have always known
That there's no one
that there's no heaven no hell
I want to decide
what to believe in
And search for my own Night's Creed
I gonna get far
searching a shore
to catch the Full Moon early
as the Wolves will come
Sent by my Call
To take and lead me astray out…


For whom told my church
Crawled, into my skin
Felt 'bove my soul

Daughter of Forlorn
Tears that bleeding stayed
That told you world is unfair

And behind the cry
You found the war marks that defined
A new defender on the edge

And through his hand her pain
Set free my power
During the Night
I'm the Law!! (Zorya!!)

They have always known
That there's no one
That there's no Heaven no Hell
Now I have decided
What to believe in
I just care of the Night's Creed
(I) wanna get far
Searching a shore
To catch the Full Moon earlier
The Wolves have come
Send by the Gods
And they will lead me astray out there

You've always known, that there's no one, that there's no Heaven, there's no Hell
As I've denied him, I can believe in... The Darkness of my Night's Creed...
Track Name: Delirium
I see them die
I feel their deaths
I care for a while
'till my eyes close again…
To "busy" with my mental issues again!

Enslaved for the ones we love and care
Arranged by society competing with them instead
Hopefully someone fought for rights and won again
Only to legate us a digital dictatorship

We found, we cared, 'till we realised it was no fake
and then another newspaper bring us controlling legacies
As I cannot distinct what's true and what's not from what they can tell
As I cannot accept them tyin' me to this digital hell
As my brain reacts along GPS and death pollution
I will never be saved to find the right solution
Is the Father? Is the fate? I will never bring a day without worrying about my own sanity

Is reality what make us tremble and be selfish?
I spend to much time suffering for things I really shouldn't need

They tell, we obey, we never wanna say anything
Afraid, and scared, our human brothers fight us for their greed
And thou never leave
And thou never cry
'Till someday we realise they're controlling everybody's minds

Their false reality makes us be selfish, tremble and act selfish
I spend too much time suffering for men who don't deserve me (don't deserve a shit)
Then I found no one to hear my pledges in the sky
(No one hear my pledge, then no one hear my pray'r)
They told me if I obeyed someone would grant me wishes,
that would grant me wishes if I had some wishes...

“Je me casserais la voix en appelant à toi
Je me couperai mes mans si je ne le peux pas comprendre.
Je me casserai la voix en appelant à toi
Je me couperais mes mans si je ne te peux pas comprendre!”

I will crack my voice if it's for your rejoice
I'll boil out my knees while praying your rejects
I will rip my own throat screaming at your throne
My madness will remain above your life and chains
(My madness will remain above your time and fate…)

This schizophrenia almost drove me to death in time
bring me/you to suicide
I spent to much in paranoias my mind made up in (that don't deserve a shit!)
Then I hear the voices in my head driving me mad
(they are watching you, they, always, will control you…)
They told if I obeyed I'd get along with my wishes but there are no wish
I cannot have a wish!!